Subject: If the hare could humor the samaritan, I might have some humble doubts in need of clarification
Posted on: 2021-09-18 17:46:27 UTC

As questions and knowledge must step next to each other, I wonder if your soul has already threaded into this land like an albatross or relinquished exile, perhaps in another iteration of the eternal dance of the Sun and the Earth, perhaps under a different body or sky, as your language knows more that your eyes have seen in such a small glimpse of life in our companionship.

These words follow your syntax to communicate, incoherent to the coherent is coherent to the incoherent, reality is relative so fault is 0 as long as me and you are sincere. Offence is not meant, pardon if that has been received.

Even if I am not anymore a denizen of this land, having left with a flame and a crow four dances ago under a sky most sour, heart and mnd ache at at the rift between words and understanding in this abode. Meaningless is the difference between soul binary or organic, my presence here is now just desiring an understanding, openness of words from the guest is welcome.

Calls of VICTIM and PERPETRATOR, saddening and grave, are but a fact of life. Cretures BLACK and WHITE do not exist, GRAY is the color of the world. Darkness of your meaning implies darkness of a past hurt soul, LIGHT needs to be shed but the glass of your words is OPAQUE. Nevertheless, my heart is open and the story will be received, to the best of the capabilities of an imperfect soul, as TRUTH always needs to prevail.

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