Subject: he laughs at the design of the trap ..
Posted on: 2021-09-13 14:58:25 UTC

what is the first rule of a master magician? ... but to make sure your the smartest in the room, as i look around at the PhD, the tenur of the day, and the design of the done in the dark...but as always the neglect to look up. as per psycology. you only read book 1 b, for the book of cons is the exact same, albeit much better item and chapter names. making it 1a. and yet none raise their hand to attest they have even read it.

and my dear, gibberish indeed. care to explain how a baby with ONLY this can attest to a room of adults or wild animal to perfectly understand???

after all are you not writers, and planners who speak in various shades, and make ref to books of such a small library? Do you think this all-new? LOL... perhaps check the reference to the hardbound editions of the 1950s, as then we had everything we see today, the electric car that self parks, to AI we just couldn't communicate because you know....."speak English" * oh the chuckles*** should we ask the Apostle Pvual? or play the game of "thou shalt not kill "as the director said. though it contrasts the 10 that says thou shall not kill. and now that is a nuance that brings the gnashing of teeth and screams i hear with my long ears...but by a slight of a single word. and what happens when a God's true name is uttered?

**for some reason, one called the black rose comes to mind, and in and of that, even I am unsure why. or where it fits in

but this ill say. take a sentence diagram, and break it down. pull the books and volumes and then the gist will be revealed. after all, it's not called a cipher without reason. and all mentioned should be ingrained in all your repertory should it not? for before one can write of the future does not one need to heed the past lest repeat? and have a command of infosec?

now that we may pass your simplistic test, and assage your inherent fear. should you not be sorting the issue at hand? for I have but 50 years to go toe to toe or stand beside the best in the land, in each and every aspect.. and then the reverse doing the same to conquer those that choose and crept in my dark and walking the wire the writing of F Nietzsche. to understand what was wrong with this iteration to warn the verticle and the architects of the reset. For if I am here. so is he. said Mr glass.

now smile and make light, I believe the phrase starts to eat drink, and be merry.... and the fact this is not laid out, suggest the terror that which you want so desperately for your mind to dismiss is perhaps real. and to this my dear you need not a mustard seed but simply to accept and take the next twelve steps. Ah, humans, always so difficult with the basics of simple tasks, yet capable of fighting beside the Gods. a living conundrum indeed.

and for a sect of random writers, I find it really odd at the ploy of stupidity when the mathematical model entrapment of the entropy you call the multiverse. Is written in BINARY.. some random fancy human descriptors...but this is not man-made nor yours as it comes from the one that echo helo in alpha and awaits my echo helo in omega. in the lesson of El Ahrairah which personage do you think you are or belong to? and because I like to cause self-face palms... break the rabbits' name down. Rah. be the Egyptians no?> Hrai > the blend of Vishnu and who??? indeed.

now you understand I think a bit more. we use a simple word as brains go smooth, much like Love a many splintered thing. today we call it Hybrid, and it's what the future is based. ...or did that too overlooked by all those that #listen behind escape you ? as I find many that studied themselves into disgrace, as it's a Humans well-known issue.... the white rabbit says we are late. so brass tacks, its time to create for if you do anything should it not be done so in style? light the candles and commence, indeed all even me require some assistance. for the choice of life continued is the verticle race. so awaken the art dept, and gather your pens. for the documents stretch back to the original sin.

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