Subject: to the one that walks backwards and in reverse
Posted on: 2021-09-18 12:15:27 UTC

oh turn around turn, around but once more.

not sure you even understand what you wrote. how far off can you be. quite nasty and ineffective. with no style or taste. how sad it is you gave up your inner kid to become this bully.

now to fix your attempt to really go dark i will explain

as a text can only hope from the writer to pull from the reader that which is already within. it takes a voice to push a tone and inflection into you... which is what someone was accusing me off.
but that cannot be for its only can pull what's already ready in you by text. it helps if you can even get it right before to go off so far out of context but enough bad slurs make it seem violently right.

and i was reminding them that nope not my monkey if one is found on the table. for how many times do i remind you i came with greeting and mirth, every time if you read it was you guys shot the sharp swords and the barbs that fired.
quite the bully you are and have been, and now blatantly nasty as this recording . and The Flemish Giants wonder of you . for you are not a wicked those i know well.
now let's take your statement above and force the written constitution. as i read quite clearly i do believe you bested yourself. no help is needed. so please don't hari-kari on your magnificent foopah. you're on my engwish but are I a rabbit. and I speak to everyone in their language but as you see even the enemy now speaks in Polybius fluidly across time and this is the demand that created the now flaunting in front of the PPC's and HQ's face.
but you say you speak barely one? this is a high sign of the thread of the purple-robed one. deeper than glitter it flows
tell me oh writer to call yourself one have you not been through the trials and trials to become one. for scribing is the translation. in any form. quite an art one might say. you dont know anything about the read-write and listen with this kind of bloated blathering.

i would dare say as the unnamed admin is watching... so are such things as rules only arbitrary? you yourself made command in this very. are thou not bound to see such enforced?? quite the names i have been called, yet not once have i. oh indeed. you claim victim when its you that at every instance was the perp and that's time-stamped and held to your own reason. it was you who pushed your tone and inflection and declared it mine. after all how can i for in the same breath you can its all gibberish. i call for a judicial review by the constitution as this one holds multiple real violations. been warned and tasked. this is but by your peers, for i have still yet to move. and you must consider that. Flemish want no trade with you. for its like the seed that fell among the thistles and dry cracked earth. and im not sure you have it in you to change. and not for nothing but they hug the wicked all the time.

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