Subject: hello dear midnight said the text from the box
Posted on: 2021-09-18 10:55:21 UTC

oh the magics of sneks ive come to liek mine quite well so i and MR.Sneks went to the tiny hat makers i always so get a laugh and tickled to death by a new one from this clan these slow and silent fellas. take to a looking glass ball and ask for the sea urchin with tiny hats. Mr Snek was in heaven and they loved the show. i got mR. Snek 3 hes quite a hoot when he chooses a bowler... such a thing felt as i need all to realize. That's HOW its going to be written in. by any of the three outcomes but such a thing must ring true ..

to do such as this its that echo the beat of a heat. as all animals use the as the home beacon and would surface the and yes there's a deep tear within i need to know if your capable of something... can you realize you are unique in such design? can you let go the thoughts of weakness to shutter and realize the resounence you have above others?

and indeed pardon if taken for slight the use of the idiom for the one testing and baiting but a point driven home . though The Flim brought you this message im afraid The Flam is quite insist that he owes you payment in a hug. this is quite different than the usual way .. oh this is them hugging you and quite a rare thing.. and all that super softness hmm goodluck with that its like overdose of bliss . but i do hope it helps.

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