Subject: ah as a seer your used to writing the game i see.
Posted on: 2021-09-12 03:59:01 UTC

forgive me inverse, but right you are oh sweet fragrant one..whose vibrations are lathed with gentle tones and pitch. would you be magi casting the voice in allure? yes, I know it's a bit different to follow along. your boss has issues with triple entendre is that not the norm? can you not fathom one more layer and make such light fluffy and with mirth?] as the play cast is upon us all and one. warfighter to home.

no rabbit is here quite by choice but destined I suppose as the pattern goes. for I have returned simply where I start because your HQ and above have lit the beacon as foretold they would.

perhaps a game of for fun this time. as the last game of this ended with everyone aghast I took HQ standing alone. with nothing more than a half-eaten carrot stick. but again I am here from the start or ..the end, which is the beginning, something.. see I long life of survival, I only survive by going where you all can, and sometimes even I shouldn't be. mmm isnt the music and brandywine ready, do you not have a took to light such a pipe? i hope to find such things on my return, with you pardoning me, as one of the many thumps in the ether, and dress this, my gracious host.

your hint to the woo a CPL in this crowd, Master Sgt, from Halo; and even service brings citizenship, of some silly comedy called starship troopers 1,2,3. is based on a 1950s book. simply called Armour. and pardon me for being as such, for this is only half of the awaiting construct. It would have been but foolish to believe to come only bearing gifts reception unseen. perhaps you can find one to help, like the one you, I believe, call editor or muse or mediator, I know not, the man elil of this type of speak the big one squeaks out. ;) remind them all they live in the age where the laws of probability sit over the guidelines of physics as hybrid best used lays the arbitrary, through man's machine. any language used. for all any know, one of the inputs can be Sumerian, or symbols, or Polybius over pie.

tell the flowers the rabbit is here, tell hq , i said checkmate.

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