Subject: Introducing the PPCCUU!
Posted on: 2021-09-23 16:20:18 UTC

Introducing the PPCCUU: the Protectors of the Plot Continuum Cinematic Universe U (the final 'U' is silent). Built firmly in the MCU mold, this is the world's introduction to the fantastic multiverse(s) of the PPC.

Phase 1


Dafydd Illian and Selene Windflower. The film takes place entirely in a single mission, opening with them stepping into the Word World. The mission is essentially "Woodsprite of the North", but rewritten to serve as an introduction to the PPC. Along the way, it works in concepts like the D.O.R.K.S. (here the only form of disguise, and only used when specifically required), portals (obviously), exorcisms, and DOGA's pyro tendencies.

The finale is the Alumia exorcism, in which the audience sees for the first time that Dafydd and Selene aren't lone assassins, but part of a huge organisation. Many characters from future movies cameo here. Once Alumia is out, the agents charge her - and then burn her, because Pyro Department.

Post-credits: a party, loosely based on DOGA's "Interlude 2". Dafydd meets a certain Constance Sims, though whether they're hiding under a table at the time is still up in the air.


Rina Dives and Zeb. We open with them successfully completing a mission, and returning to HQ in their battered red TARDIS. They spend the first half of the film in HQ, where it is established that Rina is a Rogue and Zeb is Strait-Laced. Then they're sent into their next mission.

The mission is based in equal parts on "Rose Potter" and "Little Miss Mary". The finale involves Rina being fatally wounded, and Zeb breaking his rule-abiding role to use the D.O.R.K.S. and transform her into a Time Lord. As she regenerates, the TARDIS cloister bell sounds and there is a bright flash of blue light; when it fades, Zeb is alone in the fic. Rina, and the TARDIS, are gone.

Zeb returns to HQ and does his best to make his report. It's only a couple of hours later that he's wandering a hallway when suddenly he hears the sound of keys on piano wire. He looks up as the TARDIS materialises, fully repainted, and Rina - in full Aviator garb - staggers out.

"Hi, Zeb," she says, "been a long time", and then collapses.

(She has spent a couple of centuries on Gallifrey in the meantime, and is fresh from the Time War. The details on that will be saved up for the later "Continuity Council" movie, which is a murder mystery with half the clues in their shared Gallifreyan past.)

Post-credits: something vague and ominous establishing that a mysterious Somebody was behind the terrible mission.


Gaspard de Grasse. The story is something of a hybrid, mixing (Un)Intelligence with Gaspard's "Thunder Run" report, with the opening of "The Reorganisation". Essentially, Gaspard is a quirky Spy with self-esteem issues a mile high, whose latest mission goes badly wrong. He winds up in a Factory - not the one from the fic, but a Mary Sue Factory.

One possible frame for this is that Gaspode is attending counselling in FicPsych (hi, Jenni!), and that the mission sequences are split up as a flashback. Perhaps he either has memory loss, or has literally had his memory blocked by the denizens of the Factory? Either way, he ends the movie knowing that there's a major threat the PPC didn't even know was out there.

Post-credits: the mysterious Somebody from Aviator visits the Factory.

4. PYRO 2

A love story, focussed on the triangle of Dafydd, Selene, and Constance. We start off in a mission, with Dafydd and Constance flirting outrageously and Selene fuming in the corner (pulling in pieces of my Agentshipping stories around those three). Then we return to HQ... to find that Suvians have populated the place, and they're out for Dafydd's body.

Essentially the ending is the rescue of Dafydd from "Agent Dafydd + The Gurl", with Constance taking Vemi's saviour role; but along the way we can pull in the best portions of two decades of Badfic Games. Jaycacia Thornbyrd makes an appearance, but is not killed, and we never see her purported parents.

Post-credits: Jaycacia reports back to the mysterious Somebody to say that the PPC is weak and the time is right. The Somebody points out that there are certain agents who are causing problems - but that they have a solution to that...


A new Legendary Badfic has arisen. The Flowers have deemed it too dangerous for agents to take on, but Agent Gaspard has gotten himself stuck in there, and they've assembled their best team to get him out. Dafydd and the Aviator form the core of the team, perhaps with some of their supporting characters, and perhaps with other agents who deserve a starring role but don't have a cohesive plot to make their own movie out of.

I'm not sure what the mission consists of - something like Rose Potter or My Immortal, with a Suvian who can take an active role against the agents (as opposed to a Celebrian or Laura). But in the ending, Dafydd pulls off his sacrifice play, and managed to kill both the Suvian and himself.

-- only it's not the ending, because Constance is as stubborn as a mile of bricks, and she marches into the Halls of Waiting to pull him back out. Then they retire, and Dafydd informs the Flowers that he's never coming back ever for anything (pfffffft).

Mid-credits: Jaycacia is worried the big plan has been derailed, but the mysterious Somebody is entirely happy with how it went.

Post-credits: Ancient Rome. A tall red-haired woman sits down at a table across from a shorter brunette. "Acy."


"Things are getting out of hand. I think we need to step in."

From that point on, it gets a lot more vague. If anyone else wants to work up a Phase 2, go for it! My thoughts are below, but not really well formed. Equally, we've done a bit of fantasy casting before but it's a few years old now; if people can come up with newer and better options, the possibility of mock screenshots exists...

Who is the mysterious Somebody? I dunno! There's lots of options, but I think my favourite is that they are actually plural-they: the Legendaries, Suvians and other badfic-creatures who managed to defeat the PPC in their own stories. Jaycacia wants to join their ranks, but hasn't had a big enough role to manage it.

Phase 2 includes the OFUM movie (I reckon you could do Lina in 2-3 hours if you really tried; the Harry Potter movies managed a full year in that time!), Aviator 2 and Intelligence 2, and... can we pull the Key to Canon arc and give it to the Agent and Dis rather than Tawaki? I quite like the idea of them as the "techie Time Lords", and assembling a Key would work well for that. The phase ends with the Macrovirus/Suvian invasion from 2008 as the Big Plan by the Somebody. New Cal is introduced, and of course Dafydd comes back to fight in the ending.

Phase 3 goes a little bit quirky. Agent and Dis do the Mirror Multiverse arc, spending a couple of hours dealing with the EPC before maybe getting a hand from the TCDA. There's a Continuity Council movie, as discussed in Aviator; the Council isn't established to watch over Gallifrey, but to watch out for other multiverses impinging on the PPC. There's... other stuff, I dunno: new agents, probably, going on missions or having other adventures. The phase ends with the Blackout, in which HQ's defences come down - and the other multiverses begin to collide as the mysterious Somebody launches their final attack.

I'm almost tempted to say that Phase 4 is just a number of different PPC Apocalypses (the Sundering, Catastrophe Theory, the World Without Authors) as standalone films, and then they all time-travel back together to prevent the multiversal collision. But maybe that's a bit over the top. ^_~ Definitely by this time Jay and Acacia have to be playing a significant role, because, well, this is the PPC.


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