Subject: That's actually kinda funny,
Posted on: 2021-09-25 23:25:03 UTC

because the will-they-won't-they thing was in canon a mild background joke to help sorta... highlight that they're handling BBC Sherlock Sues for a good portion of the missions that were published for them? I basically accidentally les yay'ed them into a couple :P

That being said, that does sorta suggest that where your memory is concerned, M/F fades more easily into the background while F/F stands out? Because for me, Jacques/Jenni is very relationship-focused, but that's possibly because I've only read interludes for them, and the interludes are very shippy ;P E/C are a lot more toned-down in comparison -- they didn't even have any on-screen kissing back in 2013. I don't want to imply anything -- just perhaps pointing out that it's easier for M/F couples to be stuck onscreen together and have people assume they're going to get together, and if a M/F couple is background radiation in a film/story that is otherwise non-romantic, it's a bit more accepted as-is whereas people have to get in-your-face confirmation for F/F and M/M because the default in our society is currently to assume they're just close friends first?

Hahaha I don't mind them in the hole; I'm sure Eledhwen is helping with the cross-stitching :'D And yeah, the colliding multiverses is a thing in IAHF2. I've backdoor resolved that in the E/C fixit thing I have on AO3 but since the relevant chapters haven't been released yet, feel free to poke me on Discord for the TL;DR of the resolution.

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