Subject: PPCCUU Phase 2: There Will Be Urple
Posted on: 2021-09-24 12:57:38 UTC

(I know I said I didn't have any ideas, but Lily's post filled in the gaps on INTELLIGENCE 2, and I came up with a way to make AGENT work, so now I do have ideas.)


Bleeprin: the PPC's wonder-drug. Incredibly rare, naturally formed only in certain types of super-unrealistic badfics. Two Suvians, a blonde girl and a very pretty man, have just stumbled across a vein in their own story, and get super excited - "they" will definitely want to know about this!

Only then the man turns on the girl and kills her, and pulls up a link to HQ. "This is Agent Jacques Bonnefoy: I've got the goods, I need a pickup..."

When Jacques gets back to HQ, Gaspard meets him with a new mission - infiltrating the Sue Factory and stealing the urpleprints to their plans. This is somewhat off the books, because the Flowers aren't convinced that the Factory is really there, or really a threat.

Heist happens, all manner of excitement occurs, and by the end some plan is foiled, and Gaspard has actual evidence to take Upstairs. Someone is presumed dead along the way.

Post-credits: The SO talking to a shadowy figure. So you think you can manage it? A Factory to actually manufacture Bleeprin?

The figure steps forward into the light, and Miss Cam smiles. "I think I can manage rather more than that."


Basically played straight, as the Lina/Gimli fic it is. OFUM is the Bleeprin factory, using its students tortuous attempts at writing to generate the drug. Since they do, in fact, improve ("somehow," says Cam, rolling her eyes), they need to bring in a new batch each year, which is why it's a university.

I think OFUM has various "fangirl revolts" - if we merge these down and make them the work of a Suvian infiltrator (pulling that plot point from... was it IAHF? Someone, anyway), we have a climax which ties in with the overarching plot.

Post-credits: Big reveal that the Sue Factory is really a League.


Tawaki and the Disentangler are an agent team in the Department of Temporal Offences. Dis occasionally mentions her old partner, the Agent - "knew him from back home, but he's gone now". The SO taps them for a special mission: assembling the Key to Canon, a device which can rewrite Word Worlds to the wielder's whim. They gather up 2 of the four pieces over four missions, but Somebody is interfering, and manages to steal the other pieces. Ultimately, they discover that Somebody is... Jaycacia, who has gone a little bit rogue in her attempt to make a name for herself.

Jaycacia gets hold of the Key and uses it to create her own ideal reality, with soppy!Jay and evil!Acacia fully present. Hijinks ensue, and eventually Tawaki gets the key back and uses it to restore reality. Only it's been booby-trapped somehow, and he's fatally wounded in the process.

Dis is in tears. "You made me promise," she says, "you made me promise never to give you this... but I can't let you die." And she pulls out... a pocket-watch, glowing with temporal energy.

Tawaki was the Agent under a chameleon arch. He regenerates, is cross but forgiving, and then the Time Lords look around for Jaycacia.

"Oh, don't worry," says Jay, walking over and wiping her hands clean. "We took care of her for you. Jay Thorntree, by the way; you might have heard of me."

Post-credits: Gallifrey. The past. Agent and Dis sitting outside watching the sunset or something. A battered red TARDIS crashes in front of them, and the Aviator crawls out of the wreck.


Zeb copes with having his partner back, and now an experienced Time Lord. Ave copes with being back in the PPC after so long. The plot is a combination of the whole "DIA doesn't trust her" thing - the Flowers think she might be a Suvian infiltrator like OFUM had - with... maybe Ellie's conception and birth? I'm not too up on Ave's plot arcs, but this seems plausible as an attempt by the Somebody to take her out of commission, like killing off Dafydd was.

It might work well to have Jay and Acacia play some kind of role here, though I'm not sure what.

Post-credits: The someone who was 'killed' in INTELLIGENCE 2 staggers back into HQ, very sick. The macrovirus plague is here...


The macrovirus plague sweeps through HQ. We see all our starring characters again (with the notable exception of Dafydd and Constance), some trapped in their RCs, some out fighting the plague. The weird thing is, people who get thoroughly trapped keep vanishing - not killed, just... gone.

Eventually our last viewpoint characters - Selene and others - find themselves in a hopeless situation. The others literally vanish around Selene, whenever she looks away from them. A macrovirus comes towards her, and she closes her eyes-

-and a portal opens, and a hand drags her to safety. It's Dafydd. "I know what I said, but I wasn't going to let you die, was I?"

Dafydd and Constance have been working with Intelligence to get everyone out to a spot high in the mountains of New Caledonia. There's an abandoned village there, and the agents are already working to build it into a new city. Some of them want to just stay there, but Gaspard is convinced the plague is the work of the Factory, and he's Putting Together A Team.

Our core team go back into HQ, fighting the macroviruses with new tech until at last they have it all cleared. Then, juuuust as they finally get it under control: urple portals open, and the Suvian invasion begins.

You know the drill - hopeless fight, the Flowers give them up as a lost hope, the rest of the agents swarm through to save the day, probably with Jay and Acacia in the lead, the battle spills out into New Cal, and eventually they win. This is probably where the Somebody is revealed, whoever they are. Naturally they escape.

Post-credits: the Somebody is fuming. They pull out what looks like an evil Key to Canon and smash it open; a dark portal opens, and they step through.

Phase 3 is definitely about the incursion of the Mirror and other multiverses. Start with Blank Sprite ("SPECIAL OPS"), with Agents Sergio and Nikki finding alternate versions of their past impinging on their reality. Then AGENT 2 is Agent and Dis doing the Mirror Multiverse, and discovering that there are other multiverses out there. CONTINUITY COUNCIL is still a multiversal murder mystery, and then... dunno about a fourth one before PPC 3: BLACKOUT.

But still no cast members. I am genuinely terrible at that sort of thing, so be delighted for any suggestions for my own agents too. The key cast members so far are:

  • Dafydd, Selene, and Constance (Pyro I & II)
  • Rina 1, Aviator 2, and Zeb's voice actor (Aviator I & II)
  • Gaspard de Grasse, Jenni Robinson, and Jacques Bonnefoy (Intelligence I & II)
  • Jaycacia Thornbyrd (Pyro II, PPC I, Agent I)
  • Lina Holling, Legolas & Gimli (though I could probably manage that), and Miss Cam (OFUM)
  • The Agent/Tawaki, and the Disentangler (Agent I)
  • Jay and Acacia (PPC I & II, Agent I)

... and, like, anyone else! Cast your own agents or your favourites, and don't worry if you repeat an agent, options are good! All of these films would have supporting casts, and in some cases (Intelligence, Aviator), major secondary characters have gone unmentioned for brevity's sake. I'd love to know what people think this would all look like.


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