Subject: I've been reading these, I promise!
Posted on: 2021-09-27 10:58:05 UTC

Life's just been a bit hectic with the move back into the UK (hi, hS!) but I've been thoroughly tickled to see your ideas for a PPCCUU.


"Makes-Things!" gasps Gaspard.

I started giggling very much at this line in particular.

Also, WRT needing more queer romances? Third Aviator might be female, but fourth is definitely not, and he and the Detective will be in a much healthier place at that point as an added bonus. :P Zeb was also involved with Jacques the last time I checked in, though admittedly it has been some time since Zing and I discussed where that was going, haha.

It's been lovely seeing these posts and I might have to make a contribution myself if I can find the headspace to do so.

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