Subject: So I was thinking.
Posted on: 2021-09-27 21:27:07 UTC

(I'm always thinking, it don't stop.)

Aviator 2 would work well to introduce the Detective and Ellie, at the same time. Then for the Children's Stories TV series, D takes Ellie along to nursery and acts as a minor character (since Ave's actress is clearly too expensive to make more than one appearance). It let me do something fun in PPC 4: Rambling Band, too.

Question is, is Ave female or male? The ideal time to regenerate her would actually be PPC 2: Lockdown, so the film after Ellie first shows up. It lets the whole thing with D be a bait and switch - "You thought this was another straight romance, but SURPRISE, it's slash!"

But there's no particular reason to either do or not do that, so it's really a question for you: would you rather the Ave of Continuity Council, Gallifrey Imminent, and Rambling Band be female or male?


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