Subject: Haha, Zing and I once briefly discussed...
Posted on: 2021-09-23 23:38:38 UTC

A heist-style mission where one of our agents has to be a honeypot. One of our agents meaning Jacques, obviously, but someone tried floating Eledhwen for the idea (using the eminent logic of "Elves pretty") and Jacques was like "Don't send a Tolkien elf to do the work of a fifty-first century Time Agent!"

Then we got to thinking about what sort of heisting could actually happen in a PPC setting and we came up with:
-Stopping the League of Mary Sue Factories from detonating a more effective Vambiolaria bomb by stealing the blueprints (urpleprints?)
-Stealing something from Headmistress Giritinuvielwen from the Training Academy of Mary Sues
-Bleeprin heist. HFA manufactures Bleeprin, some agents probably are not psyched about JKR's latest stances on trans women but they still need their Bleep...

I was just thinking this because cinematic takes on the PPC, haha. The idea of Dis and the Agent assembling the Key to Canon is pretty amusing, though! And going into the Mirror Multiverse, too...

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