Subject: Maybe a bit. ^_~
Posted on: 2021-09-25 22:47:25 UTC

Mostly though, the multiple M/F couples (Dafydd/Constance, Jenni/Jacques, Sergio/Nikki, and I bet I've forgotten some) are because I'm not adding films where the romance is the primary plot (Pyro 2 is the slight exception, because I'm allowed one moment of self-geekery) and I'm working purely from memory. The big F/F ships I can remember are E/C and Ixilottie, and for both of them, their relationship is /the thing/ I remember. Sure, E&C did all sorts of stuff, but "will they won't they" is the one in my head.

Actually rereading some prominent agents would give a very different PPCCUU, I know that. It would probably have Indemaat's agents in, for starters! But this whole thing has been shaped by, essentially, the first 3 ideas to pop into my head, and then what people have suggested since.

(Fun fact: INTELLIGENCE was going to star Architeuthis, because I thought a properly early Agent would be good to have. But I vaguely remembered the existence of (Un)Intelligence, found out it involved Gaspard, and saw a mention of him being spooked by a Factory... turned out it had nothing to do with the League, but the plot wrote itself from there.)


Edit: also, I feel like I've cribbed from you /a lot/: Agent & Dis, the OFU infiltrator, Jacques, Phase 3 being heavily influenced by the colliding multiverses thing you had at one OFU. I'm doing my best to spread the spotlight, so E&C are in the same hole as most of my agents. I'm sure it's a very nice hole, however, and Kaitlyn has probably put some quirky cross-stitch on the wall.

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