Subject: PPCCUU Phase 4: Canon Protection Initiative
Posted on: 2021-09-26 10:52:27 UTC

Let's backtrack a little: throughout Phase 3, Jay and Acacia have been acting as the SO's lieutenants. They have been Not Happy the whole time: initially Jay was upset that Upstairs didn't believe in the multiversal collisions, and later Acacia started to get royally ticked off that the Flowers were adopting technical 'solutions' that just hide the problem away and ignore it, rather than going to the source.

PPC 3: BLACKOUT was a huge "told you so" moment for both of them. Having been directly affected by Jaycacia's initial use of the Key to Canon, they are among the most desperate to get it back in the second half. When the team finally recover the Key, it's Acacia who picks it up--

-- and Jay has about half a second to realise what's about to happen, and to grab for her partner's arm, before Acacia hurls the Key to the floor and smashes it into splinters.

BLACKOUT's post-credits scene has nothing to do with the Legendary (the agents probably dealt with her right before getting the Key). It's Jay, sitting in a coffee shop, blinking as if she's just woken up from a dream.


The multiverse is gone, destroyed with Acacia's smash. Sergio Turbo is lost in a hybrid world. In a loose adaptation of the WWA so far, he finds Corolla and his old strike team, discovers Nikki has been pressganged into flying for the enemy, rescues her, and has to fend off a final huge attack from said enemy. There's lots of the usual character drama, and alternate versions of people he knows/knew floating around.

Right before the final battle, Corolla reveals she's been working on a way to restore the multiverse. She believes she can do it if she gets a splinter of the Key to Canon - and wouldn't you know it, there's a piece in the heart of the enemy mothership.

The finale is a air battle-slash-infiltration mission. In the end, Sergio and whoever else goes with him get the splinter, plug it into Corolla's machine - and there is a flash of blue light.

Post-credits: Acacia is walking through a collonade, perhaps in a museum. She pauses, reaches out to touch one of them, and frowns slightly.


The multiverse is under control. Morgan, a member of the Continuity Council, has been proclaimed Lady President of Gallifrey, and has given the Time Lords the PPC. Every timeline, every canon, every alternate is now ruled from the Citadel.

Morgan's former colleagues are mostly not happy with this. Some of them are on her Council, sure, but others - including our protagonists, Ave and the Agent - are in active rebellion. Evading her Castellans, they have to gather the most stubborn canon characters and ex-PPC agents to save the multiverse: they need to get hold of the splinter of the Key to Canon which Morgan has locked away, and merge it with the Gallifreyan Matrix.

Naturally, they succeed. Morgan tells them that they don't know what they're doing, that even if they change reality they could end up with something even worse, but they do it anyway. There is a flash of blue light.

Post-credits: Jay is writing hesitantly on a sheet of notepaper. Anyone able to read her crabbed handwriting might be able to make out familiar words: "It's happened again. Someone's mucking with the plot continuum."

She stops, stares at the page for a moment, then sighs and crumples it up.


The PPC is losing its civil war. The rogue departments and their Suvian allies (of convenience) have nearly overwhelmed the last defenders. General Gaspard and his team have to enact their most ludicriously reckless, last-ditch plan: they're going to time-travel back to various points in the war, using their own temporal wake and echoes to reconstruct a splinter of the Key to Canon. By running a time loop through the splinter itself, they hope to wipe everything inside the loop from potentiality, preventing their timeline from ever coming to pass.

Naturally, this doesn't come without risks. Even at the last moment, they're concerned about what shape the PPC will take instead. "But it can't be worse than this," Gaspard says as they activate the machine.

There is a flash of blue light.

Post-credits: Acacia is standing in a kitchen, chopping vegetables. She begins to play with the knife, tossing it from hand to hand, then up and over, juggling it like, well, an expert assassin.

Realising what she's doing, she stops, stares at the blade - and then resumes chopping the veg.


The PPC is sundered. They had a civil war, which dialogue establishes was just a relatively small contingent of disgruntled agents with no Suvian involvement, and at the end the plothole generators which held HQ together were smashed. The departments have all gone their separate ways, spreading out across the multiverse.

Dafydd and Constance don't like this one bit. With a team of similarly nostalgic agents, they're going to sneak back into the House of Rhodes, the remnants of the old HQ. Due to Dafydd's habit of collecting shinies, they have a splinter of the Key to Canon, and they're basically going to stab it into the generators in the hopes that it'll fix them.

They probably wind up fighting (symbolically) their own children on this, who are generally quite happy with the sundered PPC. But in the end, they make it to the generators and do the stabby thing - and, you guessed it, there is a flash of blue light.

Post-credits: Jay looks up as a blue light flashes outside the coffee shop window. It's a police car, racing past to some disturbance. She shrugs and goes back to her coffee.


(I'm sorry. I had to.)

Up until now, it's been implied - though not stated - that the Phase 4 films come in sequence. Corolla's machine caused Morgan's takeover timeline, the breaking of which caused the civil war, etc. That's wrong, though, as we find out immediately when there is a flash of blue light, and representatives from all the last 4 movies appear in a blue bubble floating in the void.

Dafydd, Ave, and Gaspard have to be there, as the protagonists from Phase 1. Sergio is as well, because although he's a latecomer, he headlined WWA. We'll want to bring in supporting characters too, but not overly many.

And there's one other person present, sitting against the side of the bubble and looking very unimpressed. "You took your time," he says.

"Makes-Things!" gasps Gaspard. "But -- you died when the Legendary attacked!"

Makes-Things sighs in exasperation. "Why does everyone always assume I'm dead?!"

Exposition time. When the Legendary took DoSAT and used the Key to Canon, Makes-Things hid himself in a null-space bubble. When the Key exploded, it splintered all of reality; the bubble was the only thing unaffected. Makes-Things has been waiting patiently for someone to come and find him, and now four teams come along at once.

Ave (or the Agent) points out that they all have pieces of the Key with them: surely now they can combine them to rebuild reality as it should be? No, says Makes-Things, the splinters can't do that, but they can take them to where they need to be.

"When the Key was broken," he says, "there were two people touching it: Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd. They are the Key now. You have to bring them together."

Combined, the splinters will be drawn to the bulk of the Key's power, in J&A. "Be careful," M-T says, "I don't know what you'll find there." The team press the pieces together, there is a flash of blue light...

... and they wind up in a perfectly ordinary, World One neighbourhood.

What they discover is that this is a universe with no contact with the multiverse. There are people they know here, but they're just... people, living ordinary lives. The only people with unusual powers are our team (which will make it hilarious if Zeb is one of them - "what a funny-looking dog").

Based on Makes-Things' explanation, they think they just have to get Jay and Acacia into physical contact. They find that Jay is a struggling author, and Acacia is... I don't know, something hilariously apt and bland. Through Hijinks, they finally get them to shake hands.

Nothing happens. Because as Jenni (who may be either a member of the team, or an 'ordinary' person who they've somehow drafted) points out, there are multiple meanings of 'together'.

Now the team switch to straight-up matchmaking. Naturally, they fail - but their failure is so comical that Jay and Acacia end up laughing together over it, and bonding over it. They do come together - not as lovers, but as friends.

One last time: there is a flash of blue light...

... and Jay leans back from her console, indicating a flashing red light.

"It's happened again. Someone's mucking with the plot continuum."

Acacia sighs. "Exactly what is so wrong with the canon that everyone wants to break it? Which world?"

"Lord of the Rings," Jay says, wincing. "The massacre of Tolkien continues. We have... a Mary Sue."

Post-credits: Probably just something funny from Rambling Band, I don't know. This is the last film, at least under my tenure as creative director. If the PPCCUU continues, it does so in different hands.

I didn't mean to do more than one set of posters... :-/ This is the sort of idea that really, really grabs me, apparently.

I hope my flurry of posts hasn't discouraged people from writing their own films in. There's space for more in all four phases, plus there's nothing preventing a Phase 5! Feel free to use the post-credits slot in "RAMBLING BAND" to set it up if you need the space.

I've had fun. ^_^ I hope you have too.


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