Subject: PPCCUU Phase 3: Worlds Without End
Posted on: 2021-09-25 18:56:09 UTC

11. AGENT 2

Agent and Dis are on a routine mission when they stumble through into the Mirror Multiverse. Pretty much playing Tawaki's Mirror Multiverse arc straight, including the various politicking with the White Cats. The TCDA gets mentioned as someone the EPC have encountered, but doesn't appear.

Post-credits: Agent meets up with Aviator. "I'm putting together a team." "Is that a quote or something?"


The Agent and Dis put together the Continuity Council: eight Time Lords, six for the rainbow colours plus white and black. They're probably the canonical set, but could be tweaked if any of the newer Time Lords are useful for storytelling reasons. The Council's job is to protect the PPC from multiversal incursions which, naturally, Upstairs don't want to know about.

The plot is a mystery - possibly a murder, maybe not - where half the clues are in their shared past on Gallifrey. Half the film is flashbacks to this, with the cast's relationships and encounters building over the course of the film. They're all on the same Gallifrey at the same time, though not all doing the same things. The plot has a bit of an Ave theme, because this is kind of halfway AVIATOR 3.

Given the rainbow theme of the show, I think it's also a very LGBTQ++ one. (And that's not just because I've realised that all of the romances mentioned so far have been straight!)

Post-credits: Reprise of Ave's arrival on Gallifrey from the end of AGENT 1, only this time, the mysterious Somebody steps out of a black portal in Gallifreyan robes and stops Agent and Dis from interfering. "Don't worry," she says, "I'll take it from here."


Blank Sprite, with Sergio, Nikki, and Corolla dealing with universes crossing wildly and alternate pasts impinging on their present. There are car chases. Given the number of magical girls involved, I think the Magical Girl PPC AU will make an appearance, as an accidental multiversal sideslip.

Post-credits: The mysterious Somebody in a location astute viewers will recognise as the TCDA Citadel. She picks up a complicated looking device about which black energy swirls, and smiles.


The Jenni Robinson movie. Basically Lily's "Into the Bonneverse", with added Jenni/Jacques per Nesh. Jenni needs to talk about her past, and the friends she lost to a Legendary Badfic (we might as well call it Subjugation; it's a nicely ominous title, though it won't necessarily bear any relationship to that story). The movie shows that the walls between the worlds are really breaking down.

Post-credits: A generator room, deep in HQ. The device from the end of SPECIAL OPS rolls into view. Black cracks in the fabric of reality creep out from it and touch the generators. The lights flicker. And then go out.


We start already in the Blackout. All our cast members so far have to deal with incursions from various canons, alternates, and timelines. There is Slorp.

At around the halfway point, they begin to converge on DoSAT (building off Doc's TV series). Agent has the idea to try and fix the Key to Canon, and maybe repair the damage... but the mysterious Somebody has is already there.

Jenni reveals that the Somebody is, in fact, the Legendary Suvian who all her old friends were lost in the attempt to bring down. The Legendary reveals that everything has been about the Key to Canon - she tricked the Agent into hunting for it, she sent Jaycacia to get it (but was foiled by Jaycacia's greed), she invaded HQ last time to try and claim it (but was driven off), and now she's broken the multiverse to get hold of it. She picks it up, fully repaired, and activates it.

The world is reshaped into a multiverse-spanning version of Subjugation - we're inspired here by the Tangled Web crisis. The second half of the film is everyone trying to get back to the Legendary. Jenni finds her old friends restored, and has an emotional arc with Nume and Jacques. Dafydd and so on are dragged in. Eventually they beat down/trick the Legendary and get the Key back...

... and someone, whoever is most plot-relevant to do so, smashes it open. Reality ruptures completely, like a broken sheet of glass.

Post-credits: I don't even know. Either something to tease the PPC Apocalypses theme of Phase 4, or a final end to the Legendary's story. Maybe she gets trapped in her own personal looping hellpocalypse, to cover both things.

Obviously there's a lot going unmentioned here. Jay and Acacia will still be bobbing around, and things like OFUM remain in play. I'm just doing this very quickly to stop the ideas clogging up my head.

This is very much leading to an apocalyptic Phase 4. WORLD WITHOUT AUTHORS is SPEC OPS 2, SUNDERING is PYRO 3, and CATASTROPHE THEORY is INTELLIGENCE 3 by way of General Gaspard (I think he was from that timeline? If not he is now, and it lets Jenni and Jacques get some future storyline in). For the fourth apocalypse... given the lack of Time Lords in Phase 4 so far, possibly an adaptation of Gallifrey Imminent, where the PPC turns into an oppressive force ruling the multiverse.

Each apocalypse deals in part with the agents in it trying to fix what they think is wrong. The WWA team look for something to rebuild the Multiverse; the CT ones want to time travel back and prevent the war. To avoid too heavily ripping off Avengers, the solution in the final teamup film probably needs to not be time travel. Perhaps... well, this is the PPC, so perhaps Jay and Acacia should be the key. Maybe they die somewhere in Phase 3, and the goal in the last movie is to pull together the shards of them from across the broken realities to try and reboot everything.

... I dunno, but it would be quite nice for the final scene of the movie to be a direct adaptation of the opening scene of Rambling Band. (I may be ripping off Stephen King's Dark Tower series a bit...)

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