Subject: Plot twist: the quadrangle resolves with Nume/LSY. {X D
Posted on: 2021-09-26 01:45:07 UTC

(The fans are still whinging about character butchery. {; P )

Actually, since hS perhaps deliberately chose the words "emotional arc" rather than "romantic arc" to describe the situation between Nume, Jenni, and Jacques, that could simply mean Jenni is having Many Feelings about everyone being back and therefore is going "look, Jacques, I really like you, I really want this to be a thing, but I have to deal with this other stuff right now..."

This coming on top of whatever shenanigans take place with the Bonneverse, which could be anything and everything. {X D So, yeah, they're FitzSimmons. They want to be together; the audience wants them to be together; but events keep eventuating at them and making it Difficult. But there's still room for the various relationships to stabilize as a nice polycule eventually. ^_^


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