Subject: ... I have an evil idea.
Posted on: 2021-09-25 14:08:07 UTC

What if the Big Bad Somebody (not to be confused with little bad Somebody Jaycacia?) were the entity behind "Agony in Pink"? Or, for the sake of the PPCCUU, perhaps a combination of AiP and "Subjugation." The PPC destroyed it all those years ago, or so everyone thought—but the truth is that all they could do was weaken and suppress it. Now it's broken free, and has been pulling strings behind the scenes and assembling the Key to Canon so it can rewrite the past, resurrect its story, and worse than that, rewrite all stories in its own twisted image.

There's a catch, though. A bunch of the agents involved in putting it down have been missing, presumed dead, for all this time, but as soon as the Key activates to undo the past, guess what? They're back! And they're furious. You could use this to introduce basically anyone you want, though I have Nume & Ilraen and Su & Dio most firmly in mind. Could also do Fitz & Silas and perhaps Trojie & Pads?

I flatter myself that Jenni has been a beloved side-character so far. She's kind and witty, but sad for reasons that have only been hinted at. Now she gets a sub-plot involving the reveal that she's been grieving for her friends who were lost putting down the Somebody the first time, particularly old flame Su. (You could, perhaps, make it Nume for the cinematic universe. Cue extreme wailing and gnashing of teeth from the fans about how his character has been butchered and the entire franchise is now dead to them. {; P ) Now that he's back, this complicates the slow-burning chemistry between Jenni and Jacques. She's just gotten to the point of moving on enough to be with him, but now Old Flame is back, and he's jealous, and it's a mess that threatens to damage Old Flame's effectiveness in the coming fight—but of course it works out at least enough that he's where he needs to be when the time comes, even if there are still issues they'll all need to keep working on. Or, a self-sacrifice play taking him out of the equation again wouldn't be out of the question, leaving J^2 more or less back where they started. Perhaps they're the FitzSimmons of this universe. >.>

Well, make of all that what you will! Take what you like, leave what you don't. {= )

Re. casting, I'm afraid I don't have any updates. I don't think I consume enough media to know who's who anymore. ^_^;

ETA: I went back and looked at the old casting thread, and I do have one update: Cobie Smulders (a la Maria Hill) for Jenni. {= )

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