Subject: Thank you! It is faintly ridiculous.
Posted on: 2021-10-04 07:47:03 UTC

I got a word count before adding the references, and it was over 12K - that's a quarter of a NaNo!

It was actually kind of weird to work on. Usually in the PPC we're either careful to get other people's stories exactly right, or deliberately mangling them (badfic games). "Inspired by" isn't something I'm used to! But, for instance, I looked up the story where Ave talks to her mother about her pregnancy, and used her emotions and reasons without actually including her mother. It was a surreal experience. (Alternately: I did /just enough/ research to get something vaguely like the original stories. I'm like a real movie studio!)

The comic was alllll Sergio; well, I contributed Dafydd's dialogue, but that's it. He referenced Koikatu a few times when discussing it; I'm a little unclear on whether that's the editor, or the game it's based on.

(My own comics trend more towards Lego or overly-hurried drawings, which is why I am doing my best /not/ to try and make chunks of the PPCCUU!)


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