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Posted on: 2021-09-27 11:46:47 UTC

It's good to hear from you - I was starting to worry I might be toe-stepping by making Ave such a big part of this. (But she kind of has to be, because she is one of the biggest names in the PPC, like it or not.)

I've actually just been working up a clearer/more detailed outline of AVIATOR (the first one), which you've given me a perfect opportunity to share here:

2. Aviator

We open in a hallway in PPC HQ. There is a thrumming noise, and then a rather battered red TARDIS materialises in a niche. The doors open, and Rina Dives steps out, followed by the Luxray Zeb. They've just completed a mission, and are quite happy to be back in HQ for some downtime.

They spend the first chunk of the movie in HQ - returning books to the Canon Library, handing in their reports to the yet-unseen Officials, grabbing a bite to eat in the Cafeteria before heading to Rudi's. The audience comes to understand that Rina is something of a maverick, while Zeb is thoroughly strait-laced. Eventually Rina gets a [beeep] on her communicator, and they return to their TARDIS for a mission.

The mission is a Bad Slash story, with a wildly OOC Harry Potter and Severus Snape, loosely based on "Little Miss Mary". Naturally there is nothing explicit in this family film, but it is definitely a slashfic, not a Sue. We re-establish the D.O.R.K.S., having Rina use it to become a wizard and use a wand - because, as she points out, this thing doesn't just disguise you, it actually turns you into what you set it to.

In the finale, Rina and Zeb exorcise Snape - only for Harry to absolutely flip out and hit them with a massive blast of fire. Rina shoves Zeb to safety and takes the full force of the blast herself. Zeb retaliates with enough lightning to knock the Wraith right out of Harry's body, then rushes to his partner. She is dying, and she says she's only glad she could save him from the same fate.

But Zeb doesn't let her go. Taking the D.O.R.K.S., he carefully programs it, then points it at Rina. She shimmers, but doesn't change, and as she falls still the audience think Zeb failed - until Rina practically explodes with massive flares of golden light.

The TARDIS doors open, and from inside comes the ominous peal of the cloister bell. Rina's regeneration glow begins to fade, and we catch our first glimpse of her new form - and then there is a bright flash of light, and both she and the TARDIS are gone, leaving Zeb alone as the badfic fades out.

Zeb returns to HQ. He delivers his report Upstairs in a listless fashion, then stumbles blindly down the corridors towards Rudi's. As he passes the Fountain of Bleepka, he hears the rising sound of a TARDIS materialising. Right in front of him, the freshly-repainted red TARDIS materialises. The doors open, and out stumbles Rina, in a black bomber jacket and aviator goggles.

"Hi, Zeb," she says, staggering. "Been a long time." And she passes out.

Post-credits: Somewhere else - a fractured space with pieces of several Word Worlds in it - a figure in a shrouding white robe holds a tetrahedron of black crystal. In it, they watch a replay of Harry's outburst and Rina's regeneration.

"That didn't go so well," they say, in a voice that's impossible to define as male or female. "I'll have to go back to more traditional methods."

In the credits, the unknown figure is listed as Mysterious Somebody.

I still have no solid ideas for Aviator 2, however. In the interests of queerifying "Continuity Council", possibly combine Ellie being born with a regeneration into Male Ave, and the introduction of the Detective? I don't know, it's hard, it doesn't shape out into a coherent plot in my head. Any ideas you have for What Ave Did Next will be greatly appreciated - essentially it just has to slot in between her return from Gallifrey and... well, the discussion of what happened on Gallifrey, which comes in Phase 3.

I think I'm just going to assume everyone has had a thing with Jacques - it's probably his running joke. We're kind of turning Jacques into pseudo-Lux for the PPCCUU, aren't we? I'm fine with that. :D

(Current notes for PPC4: Rambling Band has her as one of the Nine Companions who make it through, working with Gaspard to locate Jay. Zeb doesn't make it through, but there is a distinct possibility that the Detective is raising Ellie with his particularly colourful dog somewhere in what I'm trying very hard not to refer to as Pleasantville. Knowing Ave, there will be angst when she finds this out.)


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