Subject: -cackles quietly-
Posted on: 2021-09-30 10:59:17 UTC

Ah, my baby being an unhinged ex... wipes tear from eye

Anyway, re: not sure how Continuity Council would play out: why not take a page from Love Actually and deliberately make it a movie full of short but sort-of interconnected stories? Each of the Time Lords on the ConCoun has a short story that leads them ultimately to joining the ConCoun, including the backstory flashbacks you've already listed for the Agent and the Aviator. Then you have the Key to Canon/Mysterious Somebody thread in between all of them, and then ultimately we end on something like either the Notary or Morgan's story where they start questioning whether or not the PPC is appropriating Time Lord tech.

Each short in the film following the journey of one of the members means you also have space for interactions with other folks at the PPC that haven't been mentioned yet, depending on the trajectory of each member, and folks who have stories set in the present moment (rather than Gallifrey flashbacks) can be handling multiversal incursions in their little segments.

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