Subject: Incredible.
Posted on: 2021-09-25 22:23:22 UTC

Given the rainbow theme of the show, I think it's also a very LGBTQ++ one. (And that's not just because I've realised that all of the romances mentioned so far have been straight!)

That sounds almost like a call-out of Disney constantly saying "yes, this side character that you'll just blink and see for 2 seconds is our first openly LGBTQ+ character, aren't we great and progressive?" so, uh, the general foregrounding of M/F couples is a bit on-theme :P

So if the FicPsych film is "Into the Bonneverse" and Jenni's dealing with her Old Flame coming back and complicating things, Jacques can deal with a cross-dimensional Old Flame of his own in the form of Liu Siyuan. Who, by the sounds of it, would probably be that hot but slightly batshit and very easily jealous ex (might even be one of the antagonists of the Into the Bonneverse? He's destroying the walls of reality so he can get Jacques back and keeps landing in AU timelines?) that Jacques has to properly dump in order to be with Jenni, though most viewers are Tired of love quadrangles and would just rather Jenni and Jacques be their canon selves and set up a polycule ;P

ETA: I'd also like to direct your eyeballs to a now non-canon blurb I wrote a while back about Christianne getting Bad Wolfed into becoming a Time Lord. Maybe that could be of some use in phase 4, especially if you're looking for a Time Lord plot + E/C were already the background blink-and-you'll-miss-it gay rep in the Factory films ;P

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