Subject: Prompts
Posted on: 2022-05-12 23:00:46 UTC

Like Sierpinksi said, the doc was unfortunately lost recently. For my two cents, it's time for something new anyway, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, the idea is basically to write your agents in two long-ish scenes or short-ish stories, one featuring a situation that pretty much every agent experiences at some point, and one featuring something more random:

  • Prompt 1 should be, if I remember correctly, your agents meeting for the first time, moving into their RC, getting recruited/finding HQ, reacting to their first [BEEP!], or something along those lines. We want to see a familiar concept done in your style to see how you'll make it interesting.
  • Prompt 2 can essentially be anything. We came up with a prompt list for people who struggle to think of something on their own, and it's also informative to see how you interpret a prompt you didn't choose that might be a bit strange or difficult to work with—you'll have to exercise your brain like that to write good missions! If you want a prompt, maybe try searching the Board for "writing prompts" and see what you can find? But if you don't need one, that's fine, too! The idea is to expand on what the first prompt showed us of your characters and your voice as a writer, so we get a nice, solid picture.

Between the two, we want to see good mechanics, good taste, creativity, familiarity with the PPC setting, a sense of humor, and characters we want to read more about. How we get there isn't necessarily that big a deal.


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