Subject: Please.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 08:12:35 UTC

In my view, the ideal Permission process is "oh, you're that fanwriter, I read your stuff, what's your plan for agents?". But that's progressively fallen down:

1) The PPC got too large and diverse for us to have all read each other's fanfic.

2) We had a run of "here's my fanfic, it's a 60K graphic horror poem, you have to read the first 900 stanzas to really get it!".

3) Lots of newbies over the last... uh... decade aren't fanwriters at all.

So there is no going back. :-/

One thought: since everyone seems to be writing PPC stories in advance of Permission these days (see the confusion over who has beta'd what for Sierpinksi), could we just ask them to post their first story? I know you were against it before, but, like... I'm not saying 'mission', we don't have to read the whole thing to form an opinion, and everyone's doing it anyway. I'd rather use that first story as a Permission piece than have them write something else, get feedback, get Permission the second time round, and then post the interlude they'd already written and had beta'd before the first set of feedback.

(Plus profiles, obviously)


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