Subject: Not a PG, but I think this is a good idea!
Posted on: 2022-05-13 15:36:23 UTC

It definetly could get rid of the whole "being active long enough to get Permission then dropping activity" problem, as well as allowing a person to become more familar with the community. Sure, it might take a little while longer, but I think the "extra" time could be used to get more used to us and let them be a bigger part of the community. It also lets us get used to them and know more about them as a person. The more time someone spends with us, the better.

I think, to clear up the problem with chat PGs vs. Board PGs, a PG Discord chat (or, well, any chat system) should be made, mostly to, as you said, keep PGs in the loop. The only problem is that some (most? IDK how many PGs there are, to be completely honest) PGs aren't really that active on Discord in the first place or don't have Discord accounts. That's the only catch.

But, otherwise, good idea.


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