Subject: On this note, I want to float an even more radical idea.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 14:49:16 UTC

What if we turned the whole process on its head? Instead of Boarders applying for Permission, the Permission Givers extend an invitation to a Boarder they feel is ready.

This idea appeals to me because it takes the focus off the single goal of Getting Permission and instead places all the importance on how you interact with the community. If you're integrating well, being engaged and so forth, and the PGs feel they've got an idea of who you are and like what they see, they will ask for a sample of your writing—possibly an interlude or even a first mission, as you suggest—as the final formality.

One obvious pitfall to this idea is that people could end up waiting a little extra through no fault of their own if the PGs just haven't got the time/energy. However, I'm not sure that isn't actually a feature rather than a bug. It lets the PGs choose a time they do have the energy to engage, and makes it less of a chore, and ultimately, I think, raises the chance of someone getting that final stamp of approval.

To clarify one thing before moving on: I've been using PGs in the plural, but it would still probably be one PG extending the invitation rather than a group PG decision.

If it does remain a single PG decision, the second obvious pitfall is that this could deepen the Board-Chat divide, with Board-based PGs only able to extend invitations to people who are active on the Board and Chat-based PGs only able to invite people who are active on Discord. That is a problem.

We could set up a Permission Giver group chat in Discord, though, since I think we're all on there nowadays. It wouldn't be a bad thing no matter what we do, and under this model it would simply be expected to let others know when you want to invite someone to keep the other PGs in the loop and allow for any objections.

Again, this is radical, but people hyperfocusing on Permission has been an issue for about as long as a formal system has existed, and I think the current dynamics of the community would allow for this shift to something more relaxed. "If we like you, we'll ask you" is, I think, more relaxed than "you must tick all these boxes and also hope your judgement is as good as you think it is."

So... am I crazy, or might this just work?


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