Subject: Re. Cliques/division
Posted on: 2022-05-13 18:27:43 UTC

This is a valid concern.

I would offer a counterpoint: Any sufficiently large group will always have subgroups. They may form around shared interests, preferred method of interaction, personality types, or any number and combination of factors. The fact that subgroups exist doesn't necessarily mean there is toxicity present, and I don't think that's currently the case with the Discord or anything else.

Is the group chat between me, Zingenmir, and Lily a clique, or just a sensible way to discuss things that concern the three of us but no one else? I feel it's the latter.

If the PGs (all four maybe five of us?) had a group chat to run Permission-related questions by the other PGs, why would that inherently be worse than the above?

Re. people drifting away, I'm pretty sure you can leave a group chat if you want to.

Quick post at work, so this is not comprehensive and I apologize for anything that may be confusing.


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