Subject: Actually, now that I think about it...
Posted on: 2022-05-13 18:31:13 UTC

I'm still for the idea of Permission invitations, just now am really against the idea of a PG chat group because of the worry of it becoming too much of a clique, but it is more towards the idea of not accepting new PGs into the group.

I can see (and have experienced) the cliquey-ness of the Discord server, although I usually see it more at my worst moments so I might be slightly biased here. And I don't want that to carry over to PGs as well. I don't want one or two (or more) PGs to feel unwelcome in their own space, to feel like they're being ignored, to feel like they aren't PGs, because, sometimes, that's how I feel on the server. But, again, I'm probably biased here, since I only seem to notice it in my worst moments or when I'm sporking badfic (the latter can be chalked up to "I'm just a terrible sporker;" the former could probably be chalked up to "no one wants to interact with whatever I was talking about" and that's okay!). I just don't want PGs to feel like they're being exluded, you know?

I can kinda see the other side of "waiting for a PG to request you try for Permission" as well, because people could be ignored again, but I feel like there are enough PGs to offset this issue. I could be wrong. It could be the same situation.

TL;DR: Against PGs chat group now due to fear that some PGs will be ignored like how I feel sometimes on the server, but my feelings are probably biased due to mental stuffs.


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