Subject: The difference...
Posted on: 2022-05-13 19:58:22 UTC

... is that you're not talking about "several PGs happen to hang out together". You're talking about "this is the Official PG Chat, in which the fate of all seekers of Permission will be decided. You will never know what goes on there - just whether you pass."

Also, like... what if we get a really obnoxious Permission Giver I don't wanna hang out with? ^_~ Or, more seriously - one who doesn't use Discord. Which, actually, we have, since Kaitlyn is a PG.

Re: leaving a group - I'm sure you can! And if someone was actually quitting, they would. But people just drift away from the PPC all the time, and I'm not sure they'd recognise it was happening. They'd maybe wind up feeling uncomfortable in the chat without knowing why - but also feeling obligated to stay in, because it's The Job.


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