Subject: Thirding this idea (since Zing essentially seconded it).
Posted on: 2022-05-13 15:35:17 UTC

I remember Leto used to request the people he gives Permission to to let him see their first mission prior to them posting it. So something like the first 5-10 pages of a hypothetical first mission could tell prospective PGs who the agents are, what they plan to do, what the writer prioritises when describing a missionable fic, what fic is being planned for said first mission, etc. Then once the Permission is granted, the new writer can go ahead and continue with the mission, or simply post the rest, if the entire thing has been beta'd and edited.

I'm not a PG, but I've run fanzines that had applications, and what we would request was an idea for the piece the person wanted to do for the zine, plus writing/art samples set in the canon that the zine is focused on. Similarly, I'd want to see here the prospective agent bios, plus the opening of their prospective mission, plus a short (no more than 5 pages) non-mission setting writing sample. But again, I'm not a PG, just someone who's handled a ton of applications before.

(Edited to add, for an additional wry point of amusement, that I suddenly remembered how one of my Permission requests involved me submitting letters that I wrote to people as a writing sample. Now that's an odd writing sample!)

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