Subject: Um.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 16:05:25 UTC

I'm just going to No Particular Order this:

  • I don't think I will ever engage with anyone on the Board well enough that I'd think 'hey, they should get Permission, I'll offer'.
  • One way to try and 'ask' for Permission would be to post non-PPC writings, so PGs could theoretically read them and go 'ooh'. (You did this with HG, right? Was it you?) This is a good thing. :) Also participating in RPs and cowrites, and even dropping ficlets. (Fill the Plothole would be great for this.)
  • Counterpoint, people who did that and still didn't get offered might well get frustrated.
  • We would need more PGs for this to work. And we'd need to make sure we didn't lose the numbers again.
  • Is there a Board-Chat divide again? I thought that went away. Oh, well, back to knowing I'm missing out on most of what the PPC does.
  • A PG Discord group sounds horrible. Firstly it's just explicitly a clique, and secondly, what happens when a PG drifts away from the community? Also, thirdly, me and live chats, you know this one. I'm not sure why it would be necessary anyway; I assume Permission would still be granted on the Board to allow people to raise objections if there was a serious problem.
  • It would have to be an either/or with this and the time limit, unless it's a long time limit. Like, "if you've been here a year and haven't been offered" long.

I am on the fence. Convince me. :)


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