Subject: I'm with hS on this one
Posted on: 2022-05-13 18:06:04 UTC

Especially with worry for it becoming cliquey. One of the reasons why I left the Discord was it felt like it was becoming quite cliquey itself, especially within certain channels at least one of which I tried to participate in and felt left out as I wasn't really part of the 'clique'. The reason I didn't raise this and haven't really commented on it is, well firstly there were other issues I was having with the PPC Discord at the time but most of those were personal and I felt like this might have been a more personal one as well that wasn't intentional on other people's parts and so I left it as is.

I'm also not going to be looking at rejoining the PPC Discord in the forseeable future, so I would worry about the creation of a Board/Chat divide being a possibility through doing this kind of thing. And also, while I sincerely hope this will never become a thing (and I don't think it would at the moment), there could always be the chance of PG's themselves being a bit clique-y, with regards to who they invite, like "Oh I like you/get on well with you, I'll invite you to do a Permission request. But I don't like you, even if you do good writing so I won't offer it to you." and it becoming a case of who you know, not what you know.

But that being said, I can see the benefits of doing it this way, so I am not completely against the idea either.


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