Subject: A quick suggestion:
Posted on: 2022-05-13 15:31:00 UTC

As not everybody even wants to get Permission, it might be good to have people mention that somewhere at some point. On the other hand, it would certainly be simple enough for a person being approached to just say, oh, thanks, that's really great, but I actually wasn't thinking of getting Permission to begin with. That would also logically cover cases of "I do want to, but it's a busy time for me right now" - once the invitation is given, it could basically be a standing invitation unless rescinded. If someone's ended up leaving for a year or so and then coming back, they might want to check, or something, but...anyway, yeah. I don't entirely know what I think of this idea as a whole, but that's a bit of it to fine-tune slightly.

Hm, another thing, this one a potential issue: Permission requests can take a while to put together. At least a few weeks, though I admit it might take only a week or two if someone's already been developing their agents and putting together an interlude and so on. By the time the request is ready, the PGs might have gotten busier again. Just something to think about, though tbh that kind of exists in every form of the process, I think.


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