Subject: A Boarder has no name...
Posted on: 2019-11-21 00:28:18 UTC

Inspired by hS's fictional languages post last week, I've been going through a bit of a High Valyrian phase and thought it would be fun to have a go at translating some boarder names into HV. hS did a similar thing a while back with various Middle-earth languages, so returning the favour.

My Dothraki is not good enough at this point sadly, but perhaps one day.

Picking a few Agents, Boarders etc whose name etymology I know:

Jay would become Kastalāra ('blue-crow')

Acacia would become Qanaguēse ('sharp-tree')

Makes-Things would become Sētenonys ('smith, crafter')

Mysterious Somebody would become Tolmīhaissaros (literally 'strange person')

Elcalion ('follower of the bright star') would become Qēloalbiopasābio

Huinesoron ('eagle of the shadow') would become Ūlioazmasȳndro (literally 'great falcon of the shadow'; HV appears not to have a word for eagle)

Neshomeh ('soul') would become Gīso ('of the soul')

Phobos ('fear') would become: Izūgarys (noun formed from 'izugagon', 'to fear')

Anyone else want a HV name? You'll need to know the meaning of your name (if not English) and vocab might not be enough to get a translation, but I can do my best.

Elcalion, translational

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