Subject: Thank you!
Posted on: 2019-11-27 20:42:07 UTC

I didn't really want to add the Gue' prefix, since we were doing a solely-human approach. If I was taking the approach that septs can be Earth nations, it doesn't make sense to include it when what it literally means is "youngest", as in "youngest sibling", and it refers to humans because they're seen as the younger brothers of the T'au. T'au can be a trifle arrogant, in case that wasn't clear. =]

Actually, if we're doing yours, lemme have another crack at it:-

Por'vre Ha'shutoal'an El'anuk'erra B'rai'taal (Eagle-shadow Shepherd-of-Time-Preservation, Water-caste Magister of the Rainy Small Island Sept)

As for how two Water Caste magisters would interact: however you want them to! There isn't much in the way of competition beyond the friendly rivalry common to, say, later entries in the Pokémon games; to do otherwise would be in violation of the Tau'va.

Also, for reference, there's a Tau'sia word "oru'mi", which means "startlingly beautiful". I feel that information would be pertinent to your project.

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