Subject: Announcing the launch... of fanficVERSE! [Badfic Games]
Posted on: 2021-09-06 13:47:59 UTC




fanficVERSE is here!

It has been a long, hard struggle, but we've finally reached an agreement with Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein that will allow us to relaunch our website! We do have to abide by a few conditions, such as:

  • No disparaging the name of Prince Regnant Hans-Adam II (a delightful man who we're sure had only the best intentions in launching his unprovoked attack in Fanfic Land back in 2010)

  • No writing new JavaScript (apparently 'JvScr*pt' is a rude word in Liechtenstienian...ese)

  • No singing Meatloaf songs, especially 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' (gee, where have we heard that one before?)

But forget about that, as Acacia once said to Jay, probably. We are thrilled, thrilled, to welcome all fans of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum to fanficVERSE, to write all the PPC fanfics you've ever dreamed of. Forget about 'canon'. Forget about 'permission'. Forget about 'elbows'. Forget everything except writing all the PPC fanfics you've ever... no, we did that one already, you get the picture.

fanficVERSE - for the fanfic you can't find anywhere else - and that's a promise.

What is this? This is the thread where we let our inner badfic writers have free rein. All PPC stories are technically fanfics of the Original Series - but they're all goodfics. That's clearly unreasonable - most fanfic of anything is terrible. So this is your chance to write the baddest of the badfics. Go nuts!

Who can I write about? Any agents currently in the PPC are open for you to mutilate. There's a Creativity Shield around ffV, so everything here is emphatically uncanon. Try to avoid using abandoned agents whose creators have left, and if someone asks in this thread that their agents not be used, please respect that.

Where do I post? In this thread, please. ffV is now up, running, and incredibly simplified so even I might get round to archiving the event in some finite time, but all fics are still posted on the Board.

Is anything different now we have an archive again? Not really. If you want to add to the fun by writing an author profile or giving your stories summaries, please do! If you don't, I'll just fudge something in. XD

What name should I post under? You should come up with the badficauthorest name you can, of course! You can find many previous examples on fanficVERSE (2004-2014 excluding 2011, plus 2019-20), and the rest on the wiki (until the archiving process is complete).

What sort of story should I write? A bad one! Obviously. But also one that's fun to read. Illegible ultra-typo stories are a bit boring after the first one, y'know?

Can I leave reviews? Emphatically yes - that's half the fun of the game! But do remember to leave them in character - and equally, remember that the flames you receive are not real flames. They're a game. Don't get upset.

Do I need a beta? Hahahahahahahaha. Don't be ridiculous. ^-^ What sort of badfic writer has a beta?

Do I need Permission? Again, what sort of badfic writer asks permission? (No. No you don't.)

Why are we doing this? Because it's fun! And traditional!

((Stealing the FAQ from Tomash, who lifted it from Iximaz, who borrowed it from me, who nicked it from whoever posted in 2017, who cribbed it from me, who... you get the picture. ~hS))

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