Subject: R u sure tha'ts Huineoron?
Posted on: 2021-09-09 05:11:30 UTC

Bcuz he sounds ore like Sumernumberary. He's a meenie in canon and he SUX, and Huinesoron is NOT. He is the same peson as Dafydd ad Supernumersary is ihs EVIL father, wchih u would NO if u read JayBird's stories which u SHOULD bcuz they r GR8!

Also r u steeling MY idea of having an new anget oartnered w/Huineoron, bcuz I totes did that 1st. ): U should R&R my story "A 2nd Chance"! and if u do mabe I wil rite more!!! lol :DDD


(( IIRC, Brandy didn't used to have any idea who Supernumerary is, but since JayBird wrote about him I guess she does now. Sort of. {= P I mention this mostly for my own reference, because keeping track of what Brandy thinks is like trying to lasso clouds.

(( Very amused, looking forward to seeing where this goes! "Orbs," gotta love 'em. For some reason, I can't stop snickering at "Chapper Twop." ^_^

~Neshomeh ))

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