Subject: PPC Agent in Sueville!!1 Chappy 1!
Posted on: 2021-09-07 00:15:47 UTC

Ellie Mae Rosebud walked down the hallwaies off PPCs HQ with her long luxurious gold felcked black hair swaying back and forth wit her movement and crystalline tears falling down her porcelain cheeks. She was an assasin in the DMS and loved to kill teh Sues. It was fun! But her boss the meanie SO said she couldnt use her super special fire powers anymore and that made her really real sad cause she loved using her speshul fire powrs. She wondered if the pyro department woould appreciate her really awesome powers an her good looks. She totally wasn’t a Sue despite being super pretty and havin teh cool fire powers tho cause Zues are bad and Ellke was good. Suddenly their was a huge crash in front of her and a mysteryious thing stood up!!11!!1 Oh noes! What could teh thing be? Is it a friend or a foe?! Find out in the next chapter! R&R pls!

(OOC: I both love and hate how easy writing like this is. Ack.)

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