Subject: Looks who's back!
Posted on: 2021-09-06 23:12:32 UTC

Hey! I installed Grammarly now! My sentences should be better (hopefully)!

I hoping to follow someone's steps and make a gacha story involving, guess who?, O'Ryan Keys! Maybe with Attikus. I heard Kittyauthor talking about him...

Anyhow, I'm K1tK@t. I love weird and niche fandoms! They're my specialty :)


Once again, I ask that no one use Kittyauthor in their badfic. She's way too close to me for me to be comfortable with her use, I'm sorry.

Other characters I have? Go for it. I love to see O'Ryan ruined badfic of my agents :)

Have fun!

-kA, who needs to both write the fanfic of the day and write badfic sometime this month.

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