Subject: Chapter 4: Affectionate
Posted on: 2021-09-09 10:35:23 UTC

Lilith Wydenbrooke: lol you talk funny. I'm not saying theu'll definitnly get togethrer, but I do thinkg they' LIKE eacho ther!

FunGirl: Samoe here only foe me I'm WRITING as fastmsas I can!!!! Glad youleikes!

brandywine_baby89: BRANDY!!!!! ILU2 kisses kisses kisssses! I'l make sure wo use all the suggestiongs you've made about Aurora as I... KEEP WIRTING!!

A/N: kk so I've just had to chvnge the plan fo this sotry because I FOUND SMENING! I'll tlell you what next chaper.

Chapter 4: Affectionate

Jaycacia and Lilith wandered almost randomly through OFUM. They didn't find the Administrator's office, but that didn't matter: not when they were having such a good time talking together.

"It's amazing how you were Legolas' girlfriend," said Jaycacia, "because my friend Tallulah (though not my best friend because that is Aurora) is Legolas' sister! She's a mermaid."

"Oh yes, he told me about her," said Lilith. "She went to school with Strider, didn't she?"

"Yes," said Jaycacia, "and I think that school was right here in OFUM."

"Oh wow," said Lilith, and then they kissed.

They kissed for lots of time and did it very well, with lots of tongue and stuff, because Lilith had been taught by Legolas who was a very good kisser. When they finally stopped kissing Jaycacia said, "Wow! That was very good, but also, why did you do that?"

"I did it because of how attracted I am to you," said Lilith.

"Thank you, I am attracted to you," flirted Jaycacia, "but surely you would normally ask permission before kissing someone?"

Lilith gasped. "You're right!" she exclaimed. "I must have been mind-controlled by Sues who are secretly planning to take over the multiverse and want to start by turning OFUM into a huge orgy that will summon demons from a rift in the sky to capture everyone!"

"That's exactly what I was thinking!" said Jaycacia, and then she ran over to the window, and then she pointed out of the window. "And look!"

Lilith ran over to the window as well, and together they looked out and saw… a huge orgy!

"Oh no!" said Lilith. "We should do something, or do you think we should join in?"

"There are a lot of hot people out there," said Jaycacia, but then swirled dramatically around. "But no! We have to go and tell the Sunflower Official, because they will be coming for him next."

"But I thought you had separated from the SO," said Lilith (because Jaycacia had told her that while they were walking, unless I already put that in the last chapter). "Why will he listen to you?"

"That's a good point," Jaycacia agreed, "although of course he still loves me. But just to make sure, I should wear his favourite outfit."

She stepped away from Lilith and took off her uniform shirt and jeans. Underneath them she was wearing a beautiful silk bikini with flowing Elvish letters on it. "I always wear this under my clothes," she explained. "I got the idea from Agent Kayleigh who is in the PPC Department of check this."

"You look very beautiful," said Lilith sincerely. "The only thing that would make you more beautiful is if you wore… this!" And she held out a delicate crown decorated with a rainbow of gemstones.

"Thank you, you're right," said Jaycacia, putting the crown on. "And now… we need to get to the SO!"

"Hah! I told you so!"

Jay squirmed on the wall. "You have to admit it kind of came out of nowhere-"


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