Subject: Profile update / Oh, wow! It's back!
Posted on: 2021-09-06 15:36:56 UTC

It's... wow, its' been a while since I though about this place. I think my last sotry was in 2017, or maybe 2017?? I cant' even rember!

I think I've matured a lot as a writer since those days -Ive even oot a beta! shes' also my girlfiend so I know shes' always gonig to say nice tigns about my stories. DONTBE MEAN ABUT HER ok???

It's actually slightly embarasing to look back on yome of my owld stories - some of the rithngs Jaycacia got up to, eesh!! I#m going to be soning that back a bit. Not that I'm going to be rid of theowld stories though! I'ma not crazy!! But they'le gonig to be a bit more grounded form now on.

((PFFFFFT yeah right. At least her spelling's improved.))

((Most of JayBird's stories are on her profile. She also has Darkheart & Lightheart from 2016, which she says is unfinished but I think ends quite 'nicely', and Tofu Hop from 2017. Apparently I didn't write anything for 2018-20; hopefully I can break the streak now!))

((Does having a girlfriend mean New England's most persistent fangirl actually knows what sex this this year? ... don't count on it. XD))


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