Subject: ((New headcanon accepted. >:D))
Posted on: 2021-09-09 15:37:59 UTC

Although not being able to beta would be perfectly appropriate: I have made zero changes to allow for JayBird's supposed beta, so I think her girlfriend is literally just telling her how cool she is. Why do you think I thought of Brandy? ^_~ (Her A/N spelling has improved because of her supposed Maturity, but also because I'm now just closing my eyes and typing blind with badly-positioned hands to make it, rather than deliberately speelin glick tihs.) There is a non-insignificant chance that the girlfriend doesn't even exist!

I'm now wondering if we could convincingly RP the story of their meetup and JayBird's broken heart in the reviews and chapters of this story... I don't suppose Brandy happens to be passing through New England? ("Where in New England?" "Wherever JB is, obvs!")

(I'm sure I've written Badfic Game Author fanfic before...)


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