Subject: Chaper 3: Sues are nice?1!!
Posted on: 2021-09-09 13:46:46 UTC

Authors note Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i got my sugar!!1! Im like so happy right now! Also the flamers r still here like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy also this chappy is a liddle NSFW toward the end

(Actual Author’s Note: BL9, violence, filthy jokes)

Ellie opned her blue orbs.

”Blue?” Thalia blinked. “They were violet a minute ago. Must be a Sue thing.”

OMG!!! Their was a Sue! And their was another!1 What was goin on?! Ellie leaped too her tiny feet and pulled out her super big sword.

”I thought it was Doomie who had the super big sword,” said Thalia, snickering.

Her partner went as red as his horns and wished he could disappear. MSTing was all well and good, but why in the name of Asmodeus did the fic have to include him?

1 of the Sues turned and shrieked as Ellie shoot a blast off super hot fire at her. The Sue caught on fire and died. Thalia smiled at her. ‘That was cool Ellie! Now watch this!’ She leaped in the air silken crimson skirt swirling around her..

Doom saw the opportunity to turn the tables on his partner.

“Look, Quinn, you now own a re-appearing skirt.” Thalia, however, just grinned and clapped her hands.

“Goodie!” She paused, a very fleeting thoughtful expression on her face. “Hey, I actually wouldn’t mind one of those.”

“Yes, I’m sure Lux would love it too.” A drop of Sarplasm splashed on the card table.

“Well, I mean we are kinda sorta maybe dating, so yeah she would!”

Had Doom been drinking, he would have done a spit-take. Since he wasn’t, he just spluttered and stared at his partner in shock and growing horror.

“You and Lux...”

She shrugged. “Sure, puddin’. She’s pretty and super nice.”

Doom buried his face in his hands. Great, so his pyromaniac, absolutely batfuvg crazy partner was “dating”—aka having a glorified hookup—with HQ’s resident nymphomaniac. That was fine...

And brought her hammer down on a warriorSues head. ‘Hahaha got her!” Doom stabbed another Sue with his dagger.

”I thought it was a sword, puddin’! Anything that’s a foot long doesn’t count as a dagger no more!” Thalia was having entirely too much fun considering the circumstances.

Doom looked up from the floor long enough to smack the back of her head.

Since I really dont wanna write a long battle the agents killed all of da Sues in the center of the town and then sat down on the gold sparkly benches and had lunch.

“Which we pulled out of our magic hats, I suppose,” the halfling grumped. His partner patted his back.

“Or our nffs.”

They ate lunch and then had teh sexy times cause Ellie thought Thailia looked really hot while fighting and wanted her really bad. 3 elf princess Sues tied to join in but Doom shot them with his crossbow. Five hours later...

“Hours?!” Thalia gaped. “Puddin’, there’s no way in heck I could last that long and as for Doom...” She stared at him for a minute. “Well, I mean you’re not a mortal, buuut that still seems excessive.”

“TMI, Quinn...”

they finished. Than suddenly a really tall woman with huge bobs and long silky shining silver hair and rainbow eyes came striding over. ‘I am FlightsongElberethWen and u are in my territory. I rule this town.” Ellie gasped in horror and slaped a delicate yet strong hand over her mouth. It was the Sue leader!!!!111!! Oh noes! What was she gonna do? FlightsongElberethWen reached down and grabbed Thalias slim white arm pulling to her feet. She looked thalia over...

“Oi, writer! You’re already mangling my character; you could at least capitalize my name!” Thalia crossed her arms and stuck out her lower lip. “It’s really rude not to!

And smiled. ‘Ur really hot.” Thalia was really hot she had white skin and shimmering green eyes and long lush purple hair and really big bobs.

Thalia preened a bit, grinning. “It’s all from the chemical vat, puddin’!”

Doom stared at her, and then proceeded to burst her bubble with a curt: “Quinn, you look like a demented eleven year old, and last time I checked, your hair was bobbed.”

Thalia’s lower lip wobbled and, to his great horror, he saw tears welling up in her eyes. “Ah fuvg...Quinn, look, do you really want to look like a Sue?”

She continued to blink at him, looking, for once, genuinely hurt. The halfling groaned and continued, stumbling over his words.

“Ugh. Look, if you looked like every Sue we killed, you wouldn’t be you. You’d be some Suvian creature. You’’ You’re real.”

A big grin spread across Thalia’s face and she lunged forward and threw her arms around him.

“Aw, you do love me, puddin’!” Doom sighed and then awkwardly patted her head. She looked up at him, grinning like a loon. “And by the way, I was fakin’!”

{The MST devolves into Doom being annoyed and Thalia being annoying here, so we cut this part out}

‘Stay strong Thalia!” Ellie yelled. ‘She just wants u for sex!* Thalias sparkling green eyes rolled back as FlightsongElbereth.......f this im calling her FSE cause I dont wanna type that again fingers........

”Sue touched me! Unclean, uncleaaaaaaan!”

Doom sighed and leaned back against his chair as his partner raced around the RC.

“Asmodeus below, why me?”

Unable to resist Thalia Ellie joined in and doom finally gave to FSEs desires and knelt to lick her.....

“Ack!” It was Doom’s turn to recoil in disgust. Thalia snickered uncontrollably.

Finally they stopped and lay together in a panting hep. Can u help us get back asked Ellie. FSE shock her head. ‘I cant dear one. Its beyond my power.” Cryslaline tears welled up in Ellies violet eyes...

”Moooom, her eyes changed again!”

As she despaired. If a powerful woman like FSE couldnt get them back how could they go back?

Cliffie lol!!! R&R!

(Actual Author: Arghhhh. Must. Cleanse. Brain. Badfic very bad. Also, Thalia is in fact “together” (read: hooking up with) Lux. She likes pretty people and isn’t picky about who she chooses. Even if they are...well...Lux.)

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