Subject: Chapta 2!1!
Posted on: 2021-09-07 15:35:06 UTC

Authors Note: I want sugar, lols!1!1 This chappy gets a litle spicy so I gotta post it here without betaing it so my mean parents can’t take awa6 my intent access like last time. Also I got hacked by some mean hackers so f tem but I cant get them of! Thanks Lilith Wydenbrooke for teh good review!

OMG she gasped. Whats that? Whos that? The thing turned and looked at her. It was a gril with pretty purple hair and a sparkly red dres. She was pretty. Ellie immediaty licked her. Hi said the gril. ‘My name is Thalia Quin. Ur really pretty.’ Ellie blushed rosebud pink her long lashes fluterring over her violet eyes. ‘Thanks u r to.’ Thalia skipd over too her an gave her rosebud mouth a kiss. They kissed for a while and than went to theyre RC. Thalia took of her dress and waved at a hot demon man. ‘Wanna meat my partner?’

”Whahahaha!” Thalia collapsed laughing, banging her fist against the table. “Meat my partner? That’s a Freudian Slip if I ever saw one!”

“Ergh...” Doom pulled his hood even lower and wished he could disappear. The feeling was redoubled as Thalia read farther ahead and burst into fresh fits of cackles.

“I think she likes you, Doomie!” She read another line ahead and her eyes widened. “One whole foot? Puddin’, we’ve got to talk about our relationship here.” Doom promptly proved that halflings can indeed blush.

Ellie warmend her hands with her cool speshul fire power and used them to...

”Is that even physically possible? I mean, even if you are a halfling, that still sounds off.” Thalia looked at her partner. There was a long silence, Doom squirming in his seat.


Thalais tong darted over Ellies as her fingers...

“I’ve never tonged anyone before,” Thalia said. A wicked grin spread across her face. “Hey, Doomie, could I test it out on you?” The halfling let out a very undignified whimper and tried to hide his entire face beneath his hood.

Finally they lay in a panting heap ater having teh sexy times. Suddenly a big portal opened and the three fell into it!!!1!1!11 Ellie opened her big blue eyes and gasped. They were in............Sueville!

“Hey, weren’t they still naked?”

“Yes, Quinn, yes they were.”

OMG what will happened next?!!! R&R and screw those hackers! Their meeeeen!

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