Subject: (( Haha, oh no. {X D ))
Posted on: 2021-09-09 15:19:29 UTC

Do you really think Brandy could beta her way out of a paper bag, given her own writing? {; P Anyway, I think IRL she's too awkward to have the slightest idea how to be in a romantic relationship with anyone. Online BFFs is a whole 'nother kettle of macaroni.

... That said, I'm now imagining them meeting, and JayBird having entirely the wrong idea, and everything being super weird, and by the end of it Brandy finally figures out what's happening and does the whole "OMG sorry I don't like you like that but we're still friends, right?" thing, and JayBird goes "Yeah, haha, of course!" but is secretly crushed and takes it out on Aurora in the next fic and there is Online Drama.



You know you've been in the PPC too long when you start writing fanfiction about the parody PPC-badfic-writer personas of yourself and your friends, eh?


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