Subject: Hostile takeover Chapter 3
Posted on: 2021-09-10 22:55:02 UTC

Chapter 3 ((Content Warning: BL2))

“EEEEEEEEyyo demon” said Chelsea, calling for Demon ”ayo ayoooooooooooo”

“Stop yodeling Chelsea” said lemon

Chelsea did a bridge “nuh”. Then she yodeled some more.

“Maybe we need candles and soma chalk?” asked May Ruse

“but we didn’t need those things when he came to our rc” said Chelsea


“Let’s try it anyway!”

Then there was a knock on the door

“I hope we can beat the—”

A fist broke through the door, and then it opened it revealing another muscley dude, except he was from the government military and a gerudo.

“Wow, a male Gerudo, you must be super special” said Chelsea

“Excuse you, I’m the Gerudo, he’s not!” said the Gerudo.

“huh I’m confused”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be doing bridges all day!”

“Hey I’m not doing—”

“Why don’t you hand over our RC?????” cried the muscle dude.

“It’s not yours you dumdum!” May Ruse pointed out

“That’s it!!!!!!!!” Then muscley dude pulled out a gun and tried to shoot only for Lemon to reflect all the bullets with a broom.

“OUT” Then Lemon wacked the military man with the broom while the Gerudo lady tries to hold her off.

“Hey,” says May “let’s try to summon him now”

“why” asked Chelsea

“so we can toss him at these jerkwads”


And so the two agents got out all the candles and the chalk and the instruction book/necrominonionionnoin and chanted the magic words

The agents who were fighting stopped and watched as the circle flashed revealing……………….



Everyone everywhere paused to look at the goose

“What is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat” asked the dude

“Obviously it’s a goose” said the gerudo

“Not just any goose!” Declared Chelsea as she walked to the enemy agents.

She ran to throw the goose at the agents but Lmon slammed the door making Chelsea crash but without making an inkling-shaped hole in the door.

then Lemon beep booped on the portal activator and then the agents in the hall went “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

“Duuuuude what the frick” said Chelsea.

Betelgoose looked at Chelsea, then at May Ruse, then at Lemon, before opening the door and jumping into the portal after the agents before the portal closed.

Everyone’s confused

The end


og the chapter, that is!

to be continued

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