Subject: OMG JAYBIRD!!!1!
Posted on: 2021-09-09 05:31:36 UTC

UR BACK it's been 4EVAR!

Wow, this nw story is really different lol. I guess being the mosther of HQ and breaking up w/the SO and Jay and being in charge of a hole OFFUUU has mae Jaycacia like grow up or sumthing, huh? Aurora wil TOTS help her 2 find a new partner, bcuz that is what firends DO! Also her hair is stll dyed w/auburn ( I lerana new word! Isn;t it pretty??) streaks bcuz its 4 camoflage in the field. alao the drin she got Jaycacia is mint buggle tea bcuz I saw that in a ficcy and it shouns nice and is not alocolic. :D



(( ... I don't thinks she approves of this change in tone, to be honest, but it's not like she's going to criticize! Only self-servinggood fawningconstructive reviews between friends! ^_~

~Neshomeh ))

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