Subject: Chapper Twop
Posted on: 2021-09-08 21:30:51 UTC

Chapper Twop: The PARTNER

“get up sleepyhed we have a mission” said a sexy voice from the other side of the bed and you looked over there blinking slep from your orbs.

over there was a guy he had dark hair and pointy ears he was hott. AND. You recognised him!! how was that possble??

“u are Hinesoron!” you gasped. “wait. U are my partner?”

“my reputation preseeds me” he smirked an you blushed. “yeah. the SO put us together. i wont be babysittin you tho so dont get any ideas. no rules when it comes to sue killing.”

omg. he was so sarcasic. You got out of bed and grabbed your bag sniffing.

“well lets go” you said being a profeshnal.

“ooo new kid gonna get teh job done?” he smirked raisin an eyebrow. “thats rich.”

“um actually i am not new i have read all teh ppc missions” you said because u have. “i will be an elf when we go to middleearth” an you put in the buttons that you will be an elf with pointy ears and long blonde hair an a bow an arrow.

Hiunosoron is impressed. “you have red them all wow u are not like other girls i am impressed” he said raising an eyebrow. “ok new kid lets go.”

you were so pleased cuz u had sounded cool and you are not like other girls other girls cant read but THEN you stumbled and fell over cuz u are clums. BUT. u felt a pear of stong arms rapped aroun dyou. OMG. he had CAUGHT u!!!

"carful new kid" he smirked "don want u hurtin urself....."

then he got quite. he staired into your orbs an u starred into his orbs. your lips were so close you could smell his breathe an he was moving closer an closer

Author’s Note: OMG what is goin to HAPPEN!!!? FIND OUT NEX TTIME!!!! Comments made me rite FASTER lol!!1

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