Subject: Chapter 3: Charming
Posted on: 2021-09-08 13:35:56 UTC

EllieMae: THanks! I'll put that in when I can workh out how o edit lol. I LOVVVE Lord of thri Rings too! Thaits#s why Tallulah is from there!

Lilith Wydenbrooke (long name lol): hmm. Hmm. HMMMMMMMM>

A/N: kk so I forgot to say that Aurora + Jessaminthe are brandy and MrsSupernumerary's. They're Jaycacia's best fiends + I know theoy won't mind me borrowing them (but let moe know if thers a prerlbme!) Ummm and the OFUUU comes formw the Space Wars, hope someone finsised that soon (or I might have too!!)

Chapter 3: Charming

The portal closed behind Jaycacia, sparkling away into darkness. When she got back to her RC she had found a message from the Sunflower Official, asking her to take a very important message to the OFUUU.

"Um," she asked him, "what's the OFUUU?"

They are the OFU Universities Union, replied the SO (through the console obviously, he wasn't in her RC because they were separated), "and this is a very important message to the Administrator in charge."

"Oh okay," said Jaycacia, and that was how she came to be stepping through the portal, which sparkled away into darkness behind her.

She was standing in front of what looked like a modern university, EXCEPT that it was half built by elves and half by orcs and half by dwarves, and also Gondor was right there behind it. Jaycacia smiled, breathing in the nice air of Middle-earth. She had attended OFUM herself once, but only for a few months weeks, as part of her training to run Tofu Hop. Now she was back.

As she walked towards the university, Jaycacia waved at mini-Balrogs circling in the air above her. Most of them liked her, but there were a few who were grumpy and roared; but even those ones liked her, because she gave them raw bacon and eggs. She went in through the big front door/gate thing and called to the nearest person she saw.

"Hello!" she said. "I'm from the PPC. Can you tell me where to find the Administrator?"

The person stopped. She was a tall elf with long hair as dark as midnight, and eyes that were silver and mithril at the same time. "Hello!" she said. "Do you mean the headmaster?"

"Ummm…" Jaycacia looked at the message from the SO, which said 'Administrator'. "I don't think so; I have a message for the Administrator of the OFUUU."

"Well, that's good," said the person, "because I'm a 12th year student here at OFUM and I still don't know who the headmaster is!"

Jaycacia looked at the person. She was very beautiful and also seemed wise and funny (because Jaycacia knew that looks aren't everything), and her heart went out towards her. "That's a lot of years to be a student," she said. "Are you… Lina Holling?"

The person laughed lightly. "No!" she said, "but she's probably the only student who's been here longer than me."

"Yes," Jaycacia agreed, "because she is Gimli's girlfriend (we know about that in the PPC)."

"Well, I used to be Legolas' girlfriend," said the person, "but I have recently broken up with him because-" She stopped, and wiped a tear from her eye. "Nevermind. But it means my time is all yours."

"Um," said Jaycacia, hardly daring to hope, "do you just mean to help me find the Administrator? Also, I am Jaycacia Thornbyrd; what's your name?"

"I can certainly do that too," said the person. "And wow! We've heard of you here; I've always thought you sounded really cool. It's lovely to meet you. My name… is Lilith Wydenbrooke."

"You see? She's wrecking OFUM as well as the PPC. I knew she couldn't change."

Jay pulled the latest chapter over and skimmed it. "Wrecking?"

"The minis like her," Acacia said flatly. "They don't like anyone."

Jay coughed. "They like me."

Her friend waved a hand through the air. "Only because you ply them with bacon and…" She stopped, frowned, and snatched the paper back.

"That's what I mean," Jay said. "She's still a boring, insipid character, but… she's not anything like as over-the-top Suvian as before. She's gone to OFUM, not to flirt with Cam or Lina or any of the canons - but another fangirl."

"If you can call that flirting," Acacia muttered. "I still don't trust it."

"No, but-"

"She's lulling us into a false sense of security," Acacia said firmly. "Just you wait. The moment we're sufficiently lulled… bang, orgies all round."

((Thanks Lily, I shall take that as permission. >:D I actually don't know if Lilith has any further stories in the unarchived years, but I figured JayBird would only do the bare minimum of research anyway. ~hS))

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