Subject: A Simple Life, Chapter 1: Content
Posted on: 2021-09-06 21:46:02 UTC

A/n: kk so like i said on my porfile iv'e matured alot as a wirter these patlst few years.. I wont' be deliting the old Jaycacia sotries but I wantto make them mor groundes from now no. Also myg irlfriend betad thus so DONT' BE MEAN!!!

Um and the chaptre tittle dousn't mean content, but content, you gt it?


It all seemed like something of a bad dream.

She had died. She had discovered her mother (Jay) was not her mother, but PPC HQ was really her mother (or actually father). Her not-mother's love for her lover (the SO) had brought her back to life. She had killed her other mother (Acacia) and only been saved by the power of her lovers' love (her not-mother was also her lover then). She had become the Starflower, defeated the evil Sub Rosa and her Spies, and died again. She had been resurrected by Illian (not as the Starflower any more), and through Lux's black magickckck had been wrought pregnant with PPC HQ (the father was the SO). She had found out that Lux had maybe lied, and that her evil mother (Acacia) was actually the Avatar's baby with a badfic. She had failed to stop the Avatar getting pregnant, but then it was okay because they tied Acacia up and didn't let her out unless she agreed to be good. She had founded a PPC OFU, defeated the evil fangirls, and then shut the OFU down again because it wasn't needed any more.

Jaycacia Thornbyrd had never wanted any of that. She had just wanted to be the best agent in the PPC, and to have a nice loving family in which nobody tried to kill her (except Mary Sues of course). And now, finally… she could.

She had separated from her husband, the Sunflower Official. They still loved one another, but they had mutually agreed that the head of the PPC and his best agent probably shouldn't be in a relationship - it didn't set the right example. Similarly, while she still loved Jay, it had mellowed into something close to what they had originally had: the love of a daughter for her mother, in action if not in blood. They lived together in Jay's Response Center, Room F - with Jay's partner, Acacia Byrd.

Yes, Acacia, the Department of Fictional Psychology's greatest triumph. Somehow, the psychologists had managed to draw out all her evil, malevolence, nastiness, and wickedness and transfer it to a pumpkin. The pumpkin, glowing purple-black and vibrating with rage, was placed in a steel box and buried in the BBQ Courtyard; Acacia was sent back to her RC. She still wasn't nice - what, were they going to take the pumpkin's niceness and put it into her? - but she was… tolerable. Like a big sister going through her Goth Grump phase, Jaycacia often thought.

Jaycacia had very little work to do, for the SO had agreed that her great powers should only be employed for really bad fanfic. Most of the time, she was able to wander around the city in Caledonia, gazing up at the snow-capped mountains and eating haggis to the sound of bagpipes. When that grew tiring (as bagpipes will), she was able to retreat into the cool, quiet corridors of PPC HQ. The spirit that inhabited the vast building, her child-parent, didn't often speak to her, but she felt comforted by the knowledge of its presence.

For the first time in forever, Jaycacia Thornbyrd was… content.


Acacia Byrd didn't look round. "The PPC… they've got a fire-themed department now, haven't they?"

Jay stepped up beside her and watched the growing pillar of smoke rise over Imperial Rome. "I think they're more about setting the fires than putting them out."

"Pity." Acacia sighed. "I liked that neighbourhood. I mean, we got all our stuff out - portals are still pretty handy - but now they'll replace it with expensive domūs or shoddy insulae that'll just burn down again."

"Checks out." Jay glanced at her friend's face, flickering in the distant firelight. "You said 'we'."

"Yes." Acacia seemed about to say more, but then her eyes narrowed. "It's been a while since I've seen you."

"Oh, you know me." Jay waved a hand through the air. "Busy, busy like a mumblebee-"


"All right, yes, she's back." Jay pulled a sheet of paper out of her pocket. She kept her eyes on it as she unfolded it, avoiding Acacia's gaze. "But it's not as bad as normal."

"I bet it is."

"Bet what?" Jay blinked. "Oh - figure of speech, right?"

Acacia grimaced, and reached out to pluck the page from Jay's compulsively-smoothing fingers. "That depends on exactly how bad it is…"

((Sometimes I just feel the need to write out all Jaycacia's adventures, to convince myself that I actually wrote them… ~hS))

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