Subject: Chapter 2: Friendly
Posted on: 2021-09-07 16:14:30 UTC

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Chapter 2: Friendly

On a certain day, Jaycacia wandered into the bar named Rudi's (the name was ironic, because the barkeeper was really rude). There was a Cluedo competition going on, but she didn't join in - not because she was too good (she was very good, but not the best at Cluedo), but because she was there to meet her friends. And there they were, sitting around the table waiting for her:

Aurora E. Lorra, with her hair still dyed dark red-brown/restored to its natural blonde (A/N: brandy, let meknow) and her eyes almost as blue as Jaycacia's.

Jessaminthe Evenstar, the black-and-gold-haired daughter of Arwen whose eyes were the colour of the sunset on the sea.

& Tallulah Greensleeves, Legolas' sister who grew up with Frodo and Sam and had (A/N need to check this) hair and beautiful (A/N needt o check this too) eyes.

"Jaycacia!" exclaimed Aurora. "How lovely to see you! Look, I got you a drink."

Jaycacia smiled and took her seat next to Aurora. "Thank you, my friend," she said, drinking the drink (non-alcoholic of course). "It has been such a long time since I've seen you all."

"Such a very long time," agreed Tallulah. She was sitting with her arm around Jessaminthe, even though Jessaminthe was married to Supernumberary, because they were really old friends and even marriage shouldn't get in the way of friends expressing their deep and true love for each other. "I think the last time was just after you closed down Tofu Hop and invited me and Jessaminthe to live in HQ."

"And so much has changed since then," Jaycacia agreed. "You must have heard that I separated from the SO, even though I still love him."

"I heard," Jessaminthe said, snuggling in against Tallulah's side and giving Jaycacia a sympathetic look. "I hope it wasn't because you didn't think you could be in love with two people at once, because you definitely can."

"No," sighed Jaycacia, looking longingly at their embrace, "because I've also separated from Jay."

"Then who is your partner now?" asked Aurora. "Obviously I mean partner romantically, not partner like in the PPC, though I assume they are in the PPC."

"That's the problem," sighed Jaycacia again. "They're not in the PPC because I don't have a partner."

"Oh no!" cried Tallulah and Jessaminthe. "We will have to help you find one!"

Jaycacia's heart swelled with affection. "Oh, my friends!" she said. "That would be the kindest thing anyone has ever done!"


Acacia raised her head over the creased sheet of paper and glared at Jay.

Her ex-partner beamed. "See? It's not as bad!"

"This…" Acacia gripped the story in both hands as if she wanted to crumple it up and tear it to shreds at the same time. "This is dire."

"Is it, though?"


"I mean, maybe." Jay shrugged. "But it's not as bad."

"That's-" Acacia cut off, unclenched her fists and sat back down on the tumbledown wall. "That's a really low bar to set."

"You said it yourself, last time - maybe she's," Jay glanced at a note scrawled on the back of her hand, "maturing in her writing."

"Yes, like cheese." Acacia shook her head and tapped the page. "She's talking about romance to a pack of Suvians. Mark my words, it'll be orgies all round before this is over."

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