Subject: What's Actually Happening: Cliff's Notes
Posted on: 2023-03-07 23:41:31 UTC

  1. We apparently got reported for having pages about "non-notable living people" (e.g. badfic authors). Such pages are not permitted per Fandom's Community Creation Policy, and have been deleted by a FANDOM staff member. That's fine, we were moving in that direction anyway.

  2. For some reason, the Christopher Paolini page also got deleted??? This is not fine. I'm querying the staff member about it.

  3. The Rose Potter page was deleted for "NSFW descriptions of underage sex." Fine: we can edit that and restore it. We'll need a new page image, though, since apparently super-stylized cartoon nakedness is too "obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, [or] profane" for FANDOM now. (If doctorlit would like to say "I told you so" at this time, I won't get mad. {= P )

  4. The Celebrian (badfic) page was deleted for an unspecified "Terms of Use violation." Not fine. I can guess what the problem is, but I'm querying the staff member about it on principle.

I'm also asking:

  • To be pointed to FANDOM's guidelines about what constitutes NSFW content/images (if one actually exists; I'm not aware of any).
  • For confirmation that we're allowed to have pages about our own community members, since the CCP states "What is acceptable will vary depending on the type of community," and our own members ARE notable to us.

The takeaway:

  • No more pages about badfic authors, period. (Again, we were moving in that direction anyway. This is fine.)
  • We need to be a little bit more careful about how much detail we include about NSFW subjects, especially where it concerns underage characters. People can be prudish little babies about sex sometimes, but fine.
  • We are NOT in danger of having the wiki deleted. Jesus Christ.


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